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Software Developer (Color and Image), Barcelona, España

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Software Developer (Color and Image), Barcelona, España

Notapor explorer » 2017-02-01 03:44 @197

An experienced software developer on color and imaging with requirements below:
. Implementing and testing core technologies on image processing and image quality assessment.
. Writes and executes complete testing plans, protocols and documentation for assigned portion of application, identifies and debugs, as well as, creates solutions for issues with code and integration into application architecture.
Must to have:
. Bachelor's or Master 's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Physics, Mathematics or Engineering related discipline.
Expertise in multiple software systems design tools and languages.
Experience in embedded software development.
Designing software systems running on multiple platform types (Lynus) and in embedded software development.
In-depth experience of programming languages Perl, C++, Python for image and signal processing and color reproduction.
Demonstrated ability to make in-depth technical contributions working other.

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